Each week, one E-Board member will show CABbies what it looks like “Behind the Board.” During this special segment of General Assembly meetings, an E-Board member will run their committee as an inside look into their duties and responsibilities. Behind the Board is a way for any member to gain insight into the many E-Board positions. If you are interested in running for an E-Board position in the future, Behind the Board something you will not want to miss!

Spring 2018 Behind the Board Schedule

1/14/19 - Outreach Coordinator: How to Run a CABbie Led Event

2/4/19 - Cultural Events Coordinator, Office Coordinator and Treasurer: Event Organization, Office Organization and Designing Budgets and Managing Collaborations

2/11/19 - Event Promotion Coordinator: How to Manage the CAB Identity and How to Promote Events with Other Coordinators

2/18/19 - Vice President: How to Successfully Apply Triple R to Keep Membership Growing

3/11/19 - Special Events Coordinator and Comedy Coordinator: How to Create a Marketing Plan and Pick Promo Items.

3/18/19 - Miller Movies Coordinator: How to Plan a Miller Movie

3/25/19 - Media Relations Coordinator: Designing Social Media Posts to Encourage Event Attendance

4/8/19 - IT Coordinator: An Inside Look at Running the CAB Website