CAB provides opportunities for collaborations and partnerships. To apply your RSO, fill out a Collaboration or Partnership form below and submit it to CAB’s Outreach Coordinator. All proposals will be evaluated by the CAB E-Board and voted on by members.


Collaborations are available for any organization planning an event that involves both monetary and logistical help. Proposals must be submitted to the Outreach Coordinator at least 5 Mondays before the planned date of the event.



Partnerships are available for any organization planning an event that involves promotion, planning, or other assistance. Partnerships do NOT include financial assistance. Partnership proposals must be submitted to the Outreach Coordinator at least 5 Mondays prior to the planned date of the event.


Social Media

Social media promotion is available for RSOs and their unique events. If you are interested in having CAB promote your event, submit your request for social media event promotion to our Media Relations Coordinator three weeks prior to the event.


Approval Process

Collaborations and Partnerships must complete the following steps to reach approval:

  • Submission of the Collaboration or Partnership Form to the Outreach Coordinator

  • Approval of from CAB's Executive Board

  • Approval from CAB’s General Assembly

  • Completion of the Collaboration Contract

Our General Assembly meetings are every Monday at 8:30pm in room 208 of the Bernhard Center. Feel free to provide an organizational CAB representative and talk to our Outreach Coordinator about any questions about collaborations and proposals you may have or our Media Relations Coordinator for questions about social media promotion. Additionally, you also can contact our Outreach Coordinator via email as well as our Media Relations Coordinator via email.

If you are looking for a fundraising, promotion, or other type of assistance from Campus Activities Board that does not involve an event, please contact We would love to hear from you!

Contact Us                   

If you have questions directly related to collaborations or partnerships, please direct emails to our Outreach Coordinator at

If you have any further questions directly related to social media promotion for your RSO, please email our Media Relations Coordinator at

If you would like to ask questions in person, come to our general assembly meetings on Mondays at 8:30 in Room 208 of the Bernhard Center.

For any questions, comments, concerns or if you would speak to a coordinator directly, please check out our contacts page for more information.